How it all began

When I was in my thirties, words were my trade. I was good at expressing things–especially technical things. Yet, I found myself sitting across from a therapist, perplexed by the question she had just asked, which was: “How do you feel about that?”

I was tongue-tied. How could it be so difficult to put my feelings into words? And I found myself wanting to cheat. What I needed was a list of feelings that I could choose from whenever she asked me that question. But a list alone wasn’t enough, I needed each word on the list to be movable. Maybe it needed to be something like emotional Magnetic Poetry or emotional Scrabble or, maybe it could be cards.

Hey, cards. Now there’s an idea.

So, I created a deck of cards to help people put their feelings into words. It’s called “Mixed Emotions,” and I’ll be writing a whole lot more about what I learned, and the mistakes I made in later entries.

3 Replies to “How it all began”

  1. I remember when it was rocks, like those little engraved pebbles that were all the rage back then. I love what M.E. became.

  2. Peggy’s right. It was actually going to be a little bag of rune-like rocks at one point, each engraved with an emotion.

    I failed to give credit to to Peggy in this post (intending to do it in another). It was she who said, “Why don’t you make it cards, like the Creative Whack Pack?”

    So I did.

  3. No need for credit. M.E. was a collaborative effort – I found that one idea sparked another. It just took someone to take it the whole way, which you did. I still use the cards btw, as do many of my (other) friends. They are awesome for their flexibility and clarity. I’ll keep checking back here to see what else you write!

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